UFO Wire Mesh Pendant
  • Care & Cleaning
  • Please keep out of direct sunlight, which may fade the paint or dye
  • Remove dust 
  • using a soft, dry cloth, or
  • Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner with the soft brush nozzle, or
  • Remove dust with a hairdryer on the cool air setting
  • Do not clean with abrasives, bleach, solvents or other cleaning chemicals

UFO Wire Mesh Pendant

R 995.00

Trendy pendant in black wire mesh and copper. Looks great in your kitchen, loft apartment, pub or man-cave.
We suggest pairing this pendant with a vintage carbon filament bulb.

Dimensions: See technical drawing in gallery
Composition: Lampshades: Steel with black finish, Coverplate: Copper finish
Colours may vary slightly from images depicted.



    • Important - Shock Hazard! Must only be connected by a qualified electrician.

    • Bulb: E27 Screw Thread

    • Voltage: 230V

    • Max Wattage: 42W

    • Transformer: No

    • Dimmable: Yes

    • Location: Indoor or covered patio away from moisture

    • Keep away from children

    • Clean with a feather duster or microfiber cloth

    • Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, thinners, abrasives etc

    • Do not clean light while turned on!

R 995.00

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