Sperm Whale Ornament - White
Sperm Whale Ornament - White
Sperm Whale Ornament - White
Sperm Whale Ornament - White
  • Care & Cleaning
  • Please keep out of direct sunlight, which may fade the paint or dye
  • Remove dust using a soft, dry cloth, or
  • Remove dust using a vacuum cleaner with the soft brush nozzle, or
  • Remove dust with a hairdryer on the cool air setting
  • Do not clean with abrasives, bleach, solvents or other cleaning chemicals

Sperm Whale Ornament - White

R 2,395.00

Enjoy the beauty of this Gentle Giant of the Deep, the Toothed Whale.
This magnificent Sperm Whale ornament will be the focal point of your Entrance Table, Patio Table, Coffee Table or Bookshelf. Perfect for Nautical or Island Style Interiors.



  • Resin Sperm Whale Ornament
  • Large proportions make it an ideal centre-piece
  • Faux Wood Texture in Weathered Paint Effect
  • Includes Metal Display Stand


  • Material: Resin and Iron
  • Finish: Faux Wood & Weathered Paint
  • Size: 70 x 31 x 15 cm
  • Other Items in the photos not included

R 2,395.00

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